Community emergency plumbing Initiative 


Disabled & Elderly Plumbing & Heating Emergency Repair


Elderley and Disabled Residents who are going without heating or hot water because they cannot afford to pay for repairs to their Boilers or pipework

This initiative has been in place for around 12 months and we are seeking help to support the cost of running this within our community, we have applied for funding from Santander and other funding companies that we hope to hear back from soon.

We are looking at expanding this with public awareness and making it available in as many cities as possible and as many  communities.

From December the 1st up to March 1st every year we will be running this initiative to help as many as we can. We have helped 6 customers up to date that did not expect this and were shocked but happy at what was on offer, they thought it was a goverment scheme until it was explained.


This initiative will now run for 12 months thanks to public support and funding.

The customer here is an elderly gentleman

Who,s mother is elderly and blind, we installed

a new boiler for them that was supplied by the


They are now safe and warm in their home.

A happy outcome for a vulnerable resident in our community.

We will be checking up on them from time to time so we can make sure they are happy and safe.

We are a local plumbing and heating Company that runs a buisiness who cares for the community.
We have seen too many times Elderley and Disabled customers struggle and suffer because they cannot afford to pay for any repairs.
We aim to helping as many elderley and disabled as we can, regardles of the time or the cost.
They deserve the support and the help and should not be ignored or left to suffer.
If it was your family member or your grandparent would you leave them to suffer in the cold.?

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Our emergency phone number: 07708620678 


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